Housing - Rising to the dementia challenge - Leeds 2018


By 2020 we would like to see an increased number of people with dementia being able to live longer in their own homes when it is in their interests to do so, with a greater focus on independent living.

Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia 2020

We are all aware of the situation, the population is ageing, we are living longer, but not necessarily in good health. Although dementia is not a natural result of ageing, the proportion of people living with dementia does increase with age.

It is estimated that three-quarters of people living with dementia are doing so in the community rather than in specialist accommodation and a third of this 75% live alone. Housing has a significant impact on the ability to live well with dementia, helping to prevent falls, unnecessary hospital stays and aids wellbeing.

Join us to see how small changes within your housing offer can significantly impact on an individual being able to live well with dementia. We’ll share experiences of design from a professional and personal perspective, the role of aids and adaptations as well as the rights of people living with dementia which are now enshrined in care legislation and human rights laws.


  • Dementia friends awareness session
  • A residents perspective of the impact of design when living with dementia
  • How Guinness have risen to the dementia challenge
  • Cultural insights into dementia & housing 
  • The role of aids and adaptions

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Presentation slides

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