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Housing 21 Conference

The Housing 21 Conference brings together speakers from across the housing sector, academia and policy makers, to discuss the pressing issues, developments and topics in the world of housing for older people.

This year's Conference took place on 12 October 2022.


“Exploring the inequality and affordability challenges in older people’s housing”

This year the conference will focus on affordability and inequality for older people. Inequalities within older generations are some of the most extreme in society today and continue to deepen. We will explore this through looking at older people’s access to housing, care and technology. Will the levelling up agenda help to address any of this? 

Housing is the most basic of our needs, so why aren’t solutions being found to the housing crisis?

Adult social care needs to be reformed to ease the burden on informal carers and to obtain better outcomes, how can this be achieved?

Digital by default increases exclusion for older people, what needs to change?


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Natalie Tate, Nationwide Foundation
  • Osama Bhatta, Shelter
  • Dr Robin Means, University West of England
  • Catherine Ryder, National Housing Federation
  • Mustaq Khan, Housing Diversity Network
  • Abdul Ravat, JJ Housing
  • Mark Cossons, Barclays
  • Dr Emma Stone, Good Things Foundation
  • John Kiernan, Centre for Ageing Better

Follow this link to view the 2022 Conference Booklet and learn more about the day and hear more about the sessions and our fantastic guest speakers.



The 2021 Conference

Last year’s conference was titled How is housing responding to diverse housing and care needs of older people?

The topics discussed at this year's conference included:

  • Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and housing – A case study of cohousing
  • LGBT+ affirming retirement community
  • What needs to change in providing housing for people living with dementia? Is the care offer right?
  • How will the differing perspectives of future residents influence the housing offer? What will need to change?

Speaker slides

The slides from our speakers for each session above are available to download below.

Download the Housing 21 Conference 2021 Speaker Slides


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