The Changing Face of the Care Workforce

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It is a well-known fact that we have an ageing population. People are living and working for longer, but not necessarily in good health.

Many people live with a complex range of conditions for many years; this is putting increased pressure on the care workforce and the current approach to providing care and attracting people into the care sector is becoming outdated and in need of different thinking.

The event will be chaired by Joel Blake OBE, an award-winning entrepreneur and leadership diversity consultant, with over 15 years of experience in helping companies integrate diversity and innovation to develop talent and growth.

Joel will be joined by:

  • Siobhan Endean, Unite National Officer, Unite Union
  • Angela Catley, Director of Operations, Community Catalysts
  • Georgina Turner, Director of Sector Development – Engagement, Skills for Care
  • Sophia Nakhooda, Head of People and Strategy, Housing 21

Each of the four panellists will contribute their differing perspectives as to what changes they think are needed within the care sector, to ensure that care workers can be both attracted to the sector and retained.

The challenges of attracting people who may not have thought of care as a job will be explored, as will the tensions which are presented by the way care is commissioned by local authorities. It is clear from the combined challenges of demographic and social change demand that different and imaginative solutions need to be explored, and challenges to the norm need to be presented.

Getting there


Park House
40 Edgbaston Park Road
B15 2TT


01564 82 1582

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