Housing 21 launched itself as dementia-friendly in 2017 and launched an action plan to help embed our work around dementia throughout the organisation.

We have now launched a revised action plan which builds on the great work done to date but is also more ambitious in its plans. It focuses on the work we will do to; provide information and awareness raising; influencing work in the housing sector; reviewing existing work and supporting our staff and residents.

A series of factsheets accompanies the action plan, which provide practical advice and tips for staff, residents, families and other professionals.

Feel free to download, print and read each one. You may find advice that helps support someone you know with dementia.

  • An introduction to dementia - Fact Sheet

    Housing 21 is committed to being a dementia-friendly organisation and we provide awareness raising and training to all our staff to understand the impact of dementia and the role which good quality housing can play.

    PDF 2.5MB
  • Dementia-friendly design - Fact Sheet

    Housing 21 integrates dementia-friendly design into its new build schemes and into any work which involves refurbishing or retrofitting existing properties.

    PDF 10.8MB
  • Behaviours that challenge / Distressed response - Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet discusses some of the behaviours that can challenge us, what are some of the common causes of such behaviours, and some possible strategies to respond in a calm, caring and person centred way.

    PDF 5.6MB
  • Sundowning: Late afternoon confusion - Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet is about sundowning, which is a term used to describe behaviour which may exhibit itself during late afternoon or early evening.

    PDF 7.7MB
  • Walking with purpose - Fact Sheet

    Previously known as 'wandering'; this fact sheet looks at walking with purpose and draws from research undertaken by the University of Worcester.

    PDF 7.9MB
  • Dementia-friendly Housing 21 - Fact Sheet

    Without support, living well with dementia can be a challenging experience and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to find relevant support. In this factsheet there are a few key resources available to those impacted by dementia.

    PDF 109.7KB
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