Who we are

Our purpose

We are a not for profit organisation with a social purpose. We promote independence and choice for older people through good quality housing, care and support. We do this by providing contemporary care, housing services and solutions.

Our principles


We’re committed to providing a modern and forward thinking 21st century service. This includes updating and modernising our existing housing, as well as developing new and innovative property designs and service models for the future.


We aim to be the lead provider of housing and care services, and strive for continuous improvement and innovation in all that we do.


We will consistently deliver positive results for our residents, customers and staff. We will deliver tailored solutions that meet individual needs – not simply adopting and applying prescribed or standard responses.

Our offer

We are an expert provider to people aged 65 and over; increasingly this age group will be the primary focus of our work and the services we provide. However we recognise that people under 65 will continue to access our services and we will continue to meet their needs.

We recognise that both care and housing are the fundamental core offers that set the scope and direct our business activities.

We are focused on three distinct types of service, all of which promote and provide independent living options: 

  • Retirement Housing – housing for rent or sale with a Court Manager service available. People have their own home and share communal facilities and space.
  • Extra Care – as with Retirement Housing but more on-site support for people with illnesses or disabilities to live as independently as possible. Our offer includes sites where we are the landlord, sites where we provide care and support, and sites where we are both.
  • Home Care – community based provision of enabling care services.

Our commitment

  • Leadership – we will allow scope for people to demonstrate their leadership potential. Leadership must not be confined to the Board, Chief Executive or Senior Management Team but should be devolved in order to empower staff across the organisation.
  • Communication – we will ensure that communication is open, genuine and honest; never more complex than it needs to be.
  • Engagement – we will ensure that we engage effectively with customers and with staff, as well as with external organisations. We recognise that expertise is found in many places. We will listen and learn from expertise both within and outside of our organisation. We are prepared to advocate and seek to influence decisions and policies that matter to our customers and staff.
  • Relationships – our success will be built on communication, trust and cooperation between all stakeholders in the business. We will identify and establish relationships with key business partners who have the capacity to support and develop our business activities.
  • Quality – we will deliver good quality services and homes to people of modest means. Our measures of good quality are customer experience, staff competency, and the safety, reliability and suitability of what we offer.
  • Value for Money – we consider that good quality and commercial viability are not incompatible goals. Our expectation is that all business activities should deliver surpluses to be re-invested to improve opportunities and choices for our residents, and customers. If there is a need to subsidise a service, we will consider whether its intrinsic social and strategic value warrants the subsidy.