The life of Riley - Keith and Brenda's story

The life of Riley - Keith and Brenda's story

Keith and Brenda, his wife of 53 years, moved to a Housing & Care 21 extra care court in 2015, bringing with them Jackie, their Jack Russell terrier.

Brenda has lung cancer and needs dialysis three times a week for a kidney problem. Keith, an ex-serviceman, describes life at their court as ‘the life of Riley’.

“We both think it is absolutely marvellous,” says Keith.

"We have absolutely everything we need here.

"I've moved more than 25 times in my life, that's the life of a service person, but I can safely say this will be our last move.

“Before moving here we were completely isolated, and never used to see anybody.

“Here we have company and get to socialise with other people, it's such a friendly place and that makes a big difference.

“The care staff here are absolutely fantastic. Brenda spends a lot of time in hospital so I’m there with her lot of the time. One of the carers has even taken to walking our dog Jackie for me when she gets the chance! It's just so nice to have the support there so you don’t have to worry about anything.

“The fact Webb Ellis is pet friendly was a huge plus as it meant we could bring Jackie with us. If we couldn’t have had her with us we couldn’t have moved here.

“At the moment neither of us needs care, but with Brenda’s illnesses it's pretty obvious that care will be required at some point. Being here we know that when that day comes it will be easy to get her put onto a care list and it will be sorted.

"Our apartment is great, the staff are brilliant and the residents are so friendly. It truly is a wonderfully caring community here and so much more than just a home. What more could we ask for?”