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Lacemaker Court is a 16 bed residential Care unit with a 12 place day centre

Catering is required 365 days a year and the basic provision is as follows:

Residential Care Home

  • Breakfasts
  • 2 course main meal of the day – minimum of 2 choices
  • Light meal –minimum of 2 choices one of which must be hot
  • A supply of beverage and snack ingredients.

Day Centre

  • 2 course main meal of the day – minimum of 2 choices

There are likely to be a number of dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, gluten free, lactose free as well as texture modified meals.

The meals are delivered on heated trollies to the Residential Care Unit 3 times a day and the trollies collected afterward.

The Residential Care facility is presently running at above 90% capacity and the day centre numbers are as follows

  • Monday           7
  • Tuesday          12
  • Wed                 11
  • Thurs               12
  • Fri                    9

Occasionally alternative catering will be required such as theme days, birthday parties and special occasion catering. 

We are looking for a forward thinking innovative catering company with community at its heart to work collaboratively with DCC to provide first class nutritious meals.  These meals provide our clients with an opportunity to interact and be stimulated by a variety of food related experiences and are at the heart of our social care provision.

Financial agreements

The estimated value of this Agreement is £65,000 per annum

Invoiced monthly with one element of the invoice being fixed costs to cover staffing overheads etc. and the other variable based on food costs for the meals provided.

Find out more

If you would like to know more information please contact Karen Moss Acting Housing Manager:

Tel: 0370 192 4202
Mobile: 07702 883584