Housing & Care 21 has a clear purpose to provide contemporary housing and care services and solutions to meet the needs of older people of modest means. Our aim is to support independence and choice for older people through the provisions of quality housing and social care.

Our two operational divisions; Retirement Housing and Extra Care housing serve approx. 23,000 customers in over 200 local authority areas across England, and deliver circa 40,000 hours of social care every week.

Our robust governance structure and financial resilience is reflected in our top governance and viability gradings by the Regulator of Social Housing (RoSH) and ‘A+’ rating by Standards & Poor’s.

We are committed to developing at least 800 units per annum from 2021 onwards and investing over £135 million (between 2017-21) in our existing properties to bring all of our properties to the modern standards that our customers expect from us.

Key Highlights

As of 31 March




Units (owned and / or managed)         19,539 19,589 20,188
*Governance Rating G1 G1 G1
**Viability Rating V1 V1 V1
Credit Rating by S&P - - A+
Group Turnover     £219.7m       £197.8m       £178.8m  
Group Operating Margin 12.1% 16.3% 21.8%
Group Net Margin 5.3% 8.3% 12.7%
Gross Debt £486.2m £459.1m £622.4
Cost of Debt 4.63% 4.68% 4.58%
% of Fixed Rate Debt 76% 76% 93%

*Governance rating of ‘G1’ means the provider meets the regulator’s governance standards

**Viability rating of ‘V1’ means the provider meets the regulators’ viability standards and has the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.

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Telephone: 0300 790 1330

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