Response to Health Select Committee's report


Pushpa Raguvaran, Chief Executive of Housing 21 said:

“We agree strongly with many of the findings of the report. The funding of adult social care needs to be resolved urgently and we particularly welcome the diversion of more money from the NHS into social care.

“The report recognises the vital contribution of housing. As a leading provider of care and support services to more than 31,000 older people, both in our housing schemes and in the wider community, Housing 21 has seen the impact that can be made by investing in preventative and integrated services. For example, our portable care scheme and enablement services have delivered savings to NHS budgets by shortening hospital stays and preventing readmissions. Dementia services are a key area where social care and health need to dovetail effectively. Our dementia nurse service has delivered thousands of pounds worth of savings as well as a much better quality of life for older people.

“From an individual’s point of view, it doesn’t matter whether the service is counted as health or social care…or indeed ‘housing-related support’. It is just about having the support they need to live their lives. We hope that the government takes heed of many of the recommendations which will help the NHS to meet the 'Nicholson Challenge' of 4% efficiency savings per year, and integration is the main way this can be delivered.

“It is catastrophic that 800,000 older people go without the care they need and this figure will rise if the current complicated system is not reviewed. If financial resources are used more effectively, care providers will be able to meet this need and the preventative services they provide will ultimately save the NHS money.”

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