Join the Housing 21 Podcast

We are excited to share that we have launched our very own podcast, ‘21 Talks, to bring resident voices to a wide audience, and to celebrate your stories!

The podcast series will be split into episodes, each covering a different topic, theme or resident story; and you could be the star of one of the episodes.

But what is a podcast? How can you get involved as a Housing 21 resident? And what will you have to do?

What is a podcast?

You might think of a podcast as a radio show that is hosted on the internet, rather than over the airwaves. They are audio recordings that can take the form of interviews, live readings, dramatic series and more; and they are always made available online and for free.

The Housing 21 podcast will take the form of interviews, where we will talk to residents about a chosen topic for that particular episode. It could be about your life, your experience at Housing 21, or your thoughts on a certain topic. Just remember, it will always be in an audio format, and anyone will be able to listen, whenever they want! There is no waiting for a set date and time for it to be played or repeated.

How can I sign up?

If you would like to considered to be part of the podcast; fill in your details below so that we can be in touch.

Join the Housing 21 Podcast

Please ensure you have provided contact details for your preferred method.
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