About your court

Communal facilities

Most of our courts have communal facilities for use by the tenants. Bungalow tenants have full use of the facilities at their nearest court. The facilities may be used at any reasonable time during the day and evening. The Court Manager is responsible for supervising and co-ordinating the maintenance, care and cleaning of these facilities.

Communal lounge

The communal lounge is provided for formal and informal activities for the community. The communal lounge will sometimes be used by local organisations and community groups.

Guest rooms

Some courts have guest rooms which can be booked for relatives and friends to use for short stays. There is a small charge. Your Court Manager will be able to give you full details.

Grounds and gardens

The grounds and gardens are provided for the pleasure of all tenants. You may be able to cultivate small areas of the garden or plant tubs and baskets. Please speak to your Court Manager about this.

Car parking

Parking is available for tenants, visitors and the Court Manager. We do not allocate specific parking spaces to individual tenants. If parking at the court is limited, we may ask visitors to park elsewhere.

Other facilities

Other facilities, such as a laundry, are available on some courts. Your Court Manager will be able to give you details of their location and any costs.

Problems on court

When a number of people are living in the same space problems can arise, for example, noise nuisance. If you are having problems, please let your Court Manager know. She will make sure that the problem is looked into.


All courts have a no smoking policy in communal areas.

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