Some complaints or escalations may be actioned under separate arrangements. These include the following:

  • a first-time request for service, rather than a complaint about the services received such as repairs – refer to the repairs policy, Anti-social behaviour – refer to ASB policy and procedure; safeguarding or domestic abuse concerns - refer to Appendix A and the Safeguarding Policy and Domestic Abuse Policy.
  • services for which Housing 21 are not responsible;
  • matters already considered through both stages of the complaints policy;
  • complaints which occurred over 12 months ago unless part of a recurring issue or whether consideration of older reports will help to resolve the issue;
  • insurance claims; these are dealt with by our insurers
  • where the complainant is taking legal action against Housing 21 on the same issue (where possible this should not stop is continuing to resolve the local issue); or where Housing 21 is taking legal action against the complainant on the same issue and details of the claim have been filed at Court;
  • complaints submitted anonymously (although investigation will be attempted where possible);
  • complaints about our procurement process from contractors and suppliers;
  • data protection breach which is dealt with under GDPR; and
  • where the complainant is an employee of Housing 21 (unless they occupy a Housing 21 property and the complaint related to issues around their tenancy) and the issue maybe better addressed via Human Resources policies e.g. grievance;
  • for employees who are keen for concerns to be raised so something can be done to bring about a positive change, please consult the Whistleblowing Policy.


9.2     Any complaints regarding to disrepair or outstanding repairs will be progressed through our complaints process in the first instance. 

9.3     The Head of Service will decide which arrangement should apply. If a complaint is not accepted for consideration or escalation, an explanation should be provided to the complainant setting out the reasons why the issue is not suitable for the complaint procedure and where relevant what procedure is being followed. We will also advise that the complainant has the right to take this decision to the Housing Ombudsman for review.

9.4     Where a service is not provided or managed by Housing 21 this will be clearly communicated to the complainant at the earliest opportunity. However, this not to undermine any assistance Housing 21 can offer to support or advise a complainant.

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