We aim to provide high quality services and to welcome, understand and resolve individual complaints within the prescribed timescales or sooner. We will apply a consistent approach that allows for monitoring. We will learn from complaints to improve our service provision across Housing 21, whilst developing good practice for employees. Where relevant, line managers will include an objective around complaints as part of their quarterly discussion.

11.2   Performance reporting against the key performance indicators is provided to Board, Executive Committees and line management structures to include;

  • regular updates on the volume, categories and outcomes of complaints, alongside complaint handling performance
  • regular reviews of issues and trends arising from complaint handling
  • regular reports around wider lessons learnt and service improvements where applicable
  • regular updates on the outcomes of the Ombudsman’s investigations and progress made in complying with orders related to severe maladministration findings and
  • an annual complaints performance and service improvement report.  

11.3   Lara Oyedele is Housing 21’s appointed Member Responsible for Complaints (the MRC) who sits on our Board. The MRC has lead responsibility for complaints to support a positive complaint handling culture and are responsible for ensuring the governing body receives regular information on complaints that provides insight on our complaint handling performance.

11.4   The Managing Director for Retirement Living is our appointed Executive Member for Complaints as the lead person accountable for complaint handling. They are responsible for assessing themes or trends to identify potential systemic issues, serious risks, or policies and procedures that require revision and the provision of information to the MRC’s. 

11.5   Performance updates will also be shared with the Resident Complaint Panel, and all residents via scheme newsletters, the website and the Annual Report alongside the Complaint Handling Code self-assessment and Board response to the Annual Report.

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