Housing Perks is a new discount app that is available to all Housing 21 residents who have access to a smart device. The app can be used to save money on day-to-day costs, such as food shopping and clothing through to white goods and eating out. The vouchers can be used straight from the app on your device or can be printed and taken into store to use at the till.

Here’s what one of our Housing Perks users had to say about their experience using the app: “I do a regular shop at the big Sainsbury's close to home. I know I spend around £50 each time so I bought a Housing Perks voucher for £50 as I was leaving home for the shopping trip. With a 4 percent discount the voucher cost £48.00, saving me £2.00.

“I did a bit more shopping than usual and my total bill came to £53.48, but I wasn't sure about buying another voucher while in the store, so I just paid the £3.48 at the checkout. With a bit more practice I will feel confident buying vouchers when in the store. If I can see I have good phone signal to buy and download the voucher, it should work well.

“I think Housing Perks is a nice idea for special treats. There’s quite a choice of cafes and restaurants with good discounts. I took my mum out for Sunday lunch last weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised that the pub chain we went to is on Housing Perks and has a 9 percent discount. Two roast dinners for £25.00 and it only cost £22.75 to buy the voucher. You could buy a voucher and once it's in your app wallet send it to a family member or friend as a gift.”

Housing Perks is an app-based tool, so access to a smart device, such as a smart mobile phone or tablet, is essential to download the app and begin using the discounted vouchers. To be able to access these discounts you will need to know your tenancy number, if you aren’t sure what this is, please speak to your scheme manager who will be able to support you. 

For those who don’t own a smart device, support to download printed vouchers via the app through a trusted friend or family member is also an option.   

For more information about the app, you can visit our web page or speak with your local manager.


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