Summary explanation of the Resident Consensus Survey

Summary explanation of the Resident Consensus Survey

Summary of achieved sample size:

  • A 57 percent response rate was achieved, meaning a +/-0.61 percent confidence interval

Timing of survey:

  • The survey ran from June 2023 to September 2023

Collection methods:

  • It was a postal survey and online survey

Sample method:

  • It was a census survey

Summary of the assessment of representativeness of the sample against the relevant tenant population (including reference to the characteristics against which representativeness has been assessed:

  • Census approach, meaning the results are well within the minimum confidence levels set out by the Regulator of Social Housing. Weightings have been applied to counter any in-balances in characteristics due to census approach rather than a stratified sample approach.

Any weighting applied to generate the reported perception measures (including a reference to all characteristics used to weight results:

  • Data was weighted by regional service.

The role of any named external contract(s) in collecting, generating, or validating the reported perception measures:

  • Acuity Research undertook distribution of surveys, analysis of data and reporting to ensure quality, non-bias and confidentiality.

The number of tenant households within the relevant population that have not been included in the sample frame due to the exceptional circumstances described in paragraph 63 with a broad rationale for their removal:

  • All residents were offered the opportunity to complete the survey.

Reasons for any failure to meet the required sample size:

  • No failure, the sample size was achieved

Type and amount of any incentives offered to tenants to encourage survey completion:

  • 10 £50 gift vouchers

Any other methodological issues likely to have a material impact on the tenant perception measures reported:

Not applicable

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