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R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K 1 1 Your home Your home Communal facilities and lounge Some courts have communal facilities for use by the residents including a communal lounge. These facilities can normally be used by all residents at any reasonable time during the day and evening. Sometimes the communal facilities may have been made available for the use of a meeting or other group. Residents will be made aware of instances where this is the case. The communal lounge can be used for formal and informal social and recreational activities for all residents living on the court and for older people living in the wider community. The communal lounge can sometimes be used for private occasions however this is subject to it being used in a way that is fair to all those living on the court. Many of our communal lounges are fitted with a hearing loop to assist those who have hearing difficulties. The court manager is responsible for co- ordinating the maintenance care and cleaning of these facilities. If you want to use the facilities for your own purposes please talk to your court manager. Social activities Residents are encouraged to arrange social events and activities themselves liaising with either the court manager or other groups in the local community. All residents living on the court have equal opportunity to take part in resident-led social activities. Guest room Guest rooms are provided on most Housing Care 21 retirement and extra care courts. These facilities are provided for the use of residents families and friends for short visits. The guest room may also be made available to Housing Care 21 residents from other courts wishing to visit the area however priority will be given to relatives or friends who are providing support to a resident who is unwell. If you have guests to stay you are responsible for their behaviour and for ensuring the guest room is left in a clean and tidy condition. The court manager will arrange for the linen provided to be laundered and the room to be cleaned. Laundry The laundry is for the exclusive use of residents. The residents at some courts have agreed a rota so that you do your laundry on certain days. You will find the details of your courts arrangements in the laundry room. Other facilities Some of our courts have other facilities such as a hairdressing salon. On some of our extra care courts there may also be a gym a bar a restaurant or shop. Grounds and gardens The grounds and gardens surrounding the court are provided for all residents to enjoy. We employ a garden maintenance service to maintain them. If you are interested you may be able to cultivate small areas of the garden and have space for tubs and baskets. Please let your court manager know if you are interested. TV licence Some but not all of our retirement and extra care courts have a concessionary TV licence and receive their TV reception through a communal TV aerial. If your picture is poor please tell your court manager who can arrange for an engineer to rectify it. Please talk with us about options available if you want access to Sky.