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1 8 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Rent and other charges continued Rent and other charges Other services and charges In addition to your rent and related charges you will be liable for the following charges Council Tax you are responsible for paying your own Council Tax. Your rent does not cover this. You may be eligible to help with payment of this charge through your local Council Tax Benefit section. Television licence the television licence is free to everyone over 75 years of age. For those residents below this age some courts qualify for the concessionary TV licence. If your court qualifies and you or your partner are over retirement age you may be able to benefit from the concession. Housing Care 21 cannot claim the concession as a right and it is possible that the National TV Licensing Authority may decide to withdraw the concession should the circumstances of the court change. Your court manager will be able to keep you up to date. Utility charges some residents will be subject to a utility charge to cover the cost of providing heat energy and water and this will be included in your service charge. On some of our courts residents will have individual meters and will pay a bill to a utility company. On other courts these costs are included as part of the overall charges and will be identified separately on your tenancy agreement and in any other correspondence relating to the charges for your accommodation. Usage charge this is our charge for the use of furnishings and equipment in the communal areas on your court. Housing Care 21 charges a fee for each item used by residents on court. We then undertake to replace the item if it is no longer functional or fails to meet an acceptable standard due to wear and tear. We will always try and ensure that we only replace when the item is unfit for purpose not just due to its age. Some examples of items subject to the usage charge are cookers cooker hoods communal chairs and tables other communal furnishings guest room furnishings office equipment laundry equipment communal kitchen equipment.