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2 2 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Repairs and maintenance Repairs and maintenance continued How do I report a repair For suspected gas leaks at any time immediately contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. For all other repairs During normal offi ce hours repair requests should be reported to your court manager. If your court manager is away we will advise you how to report repairs. If an emergency occurs when there is no Court Manager outside of normal offi ce hours at weekends and bank holidays faults should be reported via your call monitoring pull cord system. Please give as much information as you can about the repair needed e.g. exact location clear description gas or electric make and model of appliance major or minor leak etc. The court manager will also need to know when you will be in so that they can arrange an appointment with the contractor within the timescales set out above. Workmen will not enter your fl at to carry out work in your absence without permission except in an emergency. How long will my repair take Housing Care 21 classifi es repairs according to how urgent they are and will respond to repairs requests within the following time limits. When a repair is reported we will tell you how long it will take to be carried out. Emergency repairs a defect that puts the health safety or security of the resident in immediate risk will be done within 24 hours of us being advised. Emergencies are defined as total loss of power excl. local power cuts total loss of water total loss of gas supply total loss of heat to your home or water heating severe water leak through roofceiling water or heating pipe tank or cistern blocked fl ue to open fi re or boiler blocked or leaking toilet pan soil pipe or foul drain where there is no other toilet available tap that cannot be turned off kitchen sink blocked and unusable door entry phone not working insecure external window door or lock where vulnerable e.g. ground fl oor rotten timber fl ooring loose or detached hand rail stair tread unsafe power or lighting socket failure of passenger lifts failure of emergency call monitoring system failure of fi re alarm system racist or abusive graffi ti. Urgent repairs will be done within 7 calendar days of us being advised partial loss of water partial loss of power excl. local power cuts partial loss of heating e.g. individual radiator or heater not working toilet not fl ushing properly when there is no other working toilet available blocked bath shower or basin tap that cannot be turned on