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R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K 2 7 Help with benefits Help with benefits Where can I find information about benefits I may be entitled to Each court has information about benefits that are available to older people. We also employ a Financial Wellbeing Team who provide benefit health-checks and give benefits advice. Many residents have increased their income by using the benefit health-check service often by significant amounts. Your court manager with support from our Financial Wellbeing Managers where necessary can advise on many benefit issues. The main benefits that you could be eligible for are Pension Credit Housing Benefit Council Tax Support Attendance Allowance Personal Independence Payment. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support these are paid by your local council. They are paid to help people with their rent and service charges and their Council Tax liability. In some cases Housing Benefit may be also be payable to people who own a lease on their home to help with the service charge they have to pay. Where people own part of their home and rent part of it Housing Benefit may be payable for the rent and some of the service charge. Since April 2013 local councils have been able to set up their own schemes to help people on low incomes with their Council Tax liability. These schemes vary across the country. Housing and Council Tax Support entitlement depends on your level of income and savings. Claim forms for Housing Benefit include a claim for help with payment of Council Tax. Council Tax Support is calculated using the same information provided for a Housing Benefit application. Your court manager can help with the completion of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support application forms. Independent help and advice is also available from local agencies such as Citizens Advice. Responsibility for ensuring the rent andor service charge is paid remains with you even when Housing Benefit is in payment. The initial and continuing claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support is also your responsibility and you must make sure that all necessary information is given to the benefit section at your local council to ensure your claim is correct at all times. You must also ensure that you provide them with any further information and updates regarding any changes in your circumstances as and when they occur. Pension Credit if you are over Pension Credit qualifying age and your income is below the minimum level set by Government you may be entitled to Pension Credit guarantee credit. If you get Attendance Allowance or are the carer for someone who does you may be entitled to some Pension Credit guarantee credit. You may get this even if your income is above the minimum level. This is because the minimum income levels that apply to people in receipt of Attendance Allowance or who are carers are usually higher. If you own a lease on your property and are required to pay a servicemaintenance charge as a condition of you living in your home some of the charge you pay is likely to be allowable in the calculation of Pension Credit. This will increase the minimum income level so again you may qualify for Pension Credit guarantee credit even if your income is higher than the basic minimum guarantee income level. People entitled to Pension Credit guarantee