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8 R E S I D E N T S H A N D B O O K Your court manager service On most of our retirement and extra care courts Housing Care 21 employs a court manager depending on the type of court. On our extra care courts there is often staffing cover available 24 hours a day. Court managers are entitled to annual leave and public holidays. At each court we will advise you of the court managers regular hours of work. There is some flexibility in working hours and sometimes court managers need to attend meetings off-site. We will let you know when this happens. The court manager is your main point of contact with Housing Care 21 with regard to your housing and support needs. The court manager is employed to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. In addition to this main duty the court manager will offer assistance and advice whenever it is needed. They will also be a useful point of contact for you to discuss anything else you may need. The court manager is expected to Welcome and introduce new residents to the scheme. Provide background support without interference and to respect your privacy and independence. Agree how often they contact you. This could range from none to daily on their working days. Help in an emergency by summoning relatives calling a doctor or any other professional help that may be needed. Keep on file the names and telephone numbers of your nearest relatives or friends and of your doctor so that they can act quickly in case of emergency. Work with other organisations and professionals who support you and provide help in arranging assistance from family Social Services and other agencies to meet your changing needs so that you can remain independent and in your own home. Encourage residents social activities and to participate where appropriate. Your court manager service