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Posted 12 February 2021

Isabel Evans joined Housing 21 in September 2019 as an Apprentice Court Manager while she works towards her Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 3 in Housing Practice.

She says: “I enjoy having the opportunity to be able to run my own scheme - I think it has really helped to build my confidence and demonstrate independence. The housing sector is very wide and there are lots of opportunities within it. I didn’t have any experience in housing before I started this role, and I think both the CIH qualification and the full time Court Manager role have really benefited me as a person, increasing my knowledge of the sector.”

So, what does a day in Isabel’s shoes look like? Here, she gives us a glimpse:

8.30am: The start of my day

When logging on for the day I phone through to Careline to let them know I am on-site and to ask if there have been any messages since I logged off (all of our properties include a 24 hour emergency alarm which is answered by a professional support service outside of my working hours). I then check through my emails to catch up on anything I may have missed whilst offsite.

9.00am: Call and check in on my residents via the warden call system

I use the warden call system to phone through to residents, which I can do from the office. Residents choose whether they would prefer weekly or daily calls. This is to check in on their wellbeing and if they have any issues that they need to report. The best thing about working with my residents is being able to help them as best as I can in a professional manner and building trust with them.

9.30am: Time for a quick coffee!

9.45am: Carry out fire alarm test

The fire alarm test is carried out once a week to ensure everything is working efficiently.

10.00am: Go through rent statements

Checking rent statements includes checking if any missed payments have occurred and if a resident’s Direct Debit or Standing Order (or however they wish to pay) is being paid on time. If this is not the case, I will ask the resident(s) if they need any support in order to help solve the issue. This may include changing their payment arrangements or helping them to apply for benefits. If I am unable to help resolve the issue myself, I will signpost the resident in the right direction quickly and efficiently.

11.00am: Post rent statements to residents

12.00pm: Time for lunch!

1.00pm: Apprenticeship work 

My apprenticeship work varies each week depending on what it is I need to complete, for example I have been focusing on completing my Apprenticeship Project and finishing any last minute notes to ensure it is up to the right standard. Before Covid-19 I would attend a workshop in Liverpool once a month, but I now attend any meetings for my apprenticeship on Microsoft Teams.

3.00pm: Walk around the court

Walking around the court helps me identify if there are any repairs that need attending to, for example if a light in the communal corridor has stopped working, I will raise a job with maintenance to ensure this is fixed on the next maintenance day.

4.00pm: Complete any last minute emails or jobs

4.30pm: Log off

I finish for the day. Each day can be very different, so it’s always interesting to see what tomorrow has in store!

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