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Posted 25 June 2021

James, a Housing 21 resident at Pantiles House, discusses how he has adapted to using technology during lockdown, and the benefits it has brought.

Being of a certain age when I started work it was a case of writing everything down or using a manual typewriter. This was followed by the electric typewriter (subject to power being available during the three day week), then the telex machine, the facsimile machine and so on to the modern day computer. I had very little formal training on the PC so it was a combination of being self-taught, trial and error and asking others how it was done. Since retirement the PC has been used for emails, online banking, online buying and as an educational source. In addition I can now facetime the family on the mobile telephone.

And then came Covid-19 and a step into the unknown. It changed the world we live in as we knew it, not being able to go out as before with so many places closing down so how to say in touch with people, from family to friends to work colleagues. It also changed your actual day, getting up later and going to bed later after watching the late night movie. So it was necessary to look for things to do. And then came Zoom and Teams.

Unfortunately my first experience of a Zoom meeting was arranged by former employers in April 2020 so we could celebrate the life of a former colleague who had passed away with Covid-19. Luckily this is the closest that the virus has come to myself and my family. It was strange to see people on a screen and be able to talk to them. However having got over the first meeting it was full steam ahead. Being members of a number of different organisations in our area and looking online, myself and my wife on a regular basis have been able to listen to talks and presentations arranged by various organisations such as the U3A, attend meetings and AGMs, plus quizzes and, for me, some football based meetings and disciplinary commissions. This has also included meeting a number of Housing 21 groups we are connected with. Obviously it is good to see people and keep in touch and I am now more than happy to use Zoom/Teams rather than travel to meet people face to face. This saves time, saves money and helps the environment by not using cars so much, so perhaps some good has come out of the pandemic.

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