Meadowfields residents make international radio debut

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Posted 14 August 2020

This week residents at Meadowfields, our Extra Care scheme in Thirsk, were visited by Laura, a member of the local community, to interview them for her weekly feature on Capital Media, a radio station in Barbados, about their experiences of lockdown.

Lisa Stewart, Housing and Care Manager at Meadowfields, said of the court: “It is a really nice community in one building and when we had lockdown and we were faced with a lot of challenges. It was lovely how everyone pulled together and supported each other.”

During the interview when asked about what they thought the biggest challenge of Covid-19 was, one resident said: “Not knowing what to do, really. The thing was we didn’t know whether we could go out or not and if you’d been on your own…it would have been horrid, but because I was here, and I had only moved in December, it was wonderful because there were people here I could talk to everyday and then go back to my own flat when I’d had enough…we have really good chats…it saved my life.”

Another resident, when asked about the general feeling amongst residents concerning Covid-19, said: “Nervous … nobody seemed to know what they were doing, no government people seemed to know and you just feel as if you’re in a boat that is going one way and then another, but it just gelled here…the staff are wonderful - they help with anything you want … and it was just lovely that we were able to come out of our flats and not be shut away”.

Watch the Interview below:

During lockdown Laura visited Meadowfields and played the bagpipes for the residents in their garden as part of one of the #ClapForOurCarers evenings.

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