Appendix 6: Role of the Company Secretary 

The Company Secretary shall in particular: 

  1. Provide general advice/ guidance on Company Rules within and outside of meetings 
  2. Keep Registers and other books determined by the Board, informing relevant bodies of changes as and when required 
  3. Keep the organisations Seal 
  4. Support in Board member recruitment, induction, training, appraisal activities 
  5. Maintain and provide advice on Board Member contracts 
  6. Support the effective management of meetings, calling meetings effectively ensuring appropriate agenda planning takes place, ensuring minutes are kept of those meetings
  7. Hold the Annual General meeting in accordance with the rules 
  8. Make any returns on behalf of Housing 21 to the Financial Conduct Authority, the Regulator and any other relevant bodies
  9. To support the effective discharge of duties and effective governance the Company Secretary maintains a further responsibilities framework. 
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