Appendix 8.4: Extra Care Committee Terms of Reference February 2021

1. Purpose

To support, scrutinise, monitor and review the strategic and operational performance and potential of Housing 21’s Extra Care services as well as providing specific oversight and acting as the Board of Housing 21 Guernsey LBG (Housing 21 Guernsey) to give attention to associated relationships, opportunities and performance issues. 

  • 2. Responsibilities

    The Committee will: 

    • Consider the strategic priorities and potential of Extra Care within the context of the operating environment. 
    • Assess and monitor the risks and the effectiveness of the associated mitigations and measures to manage risks that apply to Extra Care and ensure that these are effectively reported to the Board as well as the Audit and Assurance Committee. 
    • Set and monitor key performance indicators and consider reports of operational performance and achievement to ensure that service standards are being achieved and quality enhanced for residents. 
    • Ensure that residents are and remain at the heart of the Extra Care service and seek to ensure that their views shape the decisions and judgements being made. 
    • Review and comment on the budgets set for Extra Care to ensure that performance expectations in terms of financial contribution are reasonable and that there is sufficient investment and resource available to achieve the desired standards and meet the strategic priorities. 
    • Consider the potential, contribution, development and deployment of the people resources across Extra Care including the Kent Community Partnership Ltd to ensure that they have the necessary skills, support and commitment to deliver high quality services and resident satisfaction. 
    • Review key policies in respect of quality including but not limited to Safeguarding, and Medications Management, making recommendations for Board approval. 
    • Assess, direct and evaluate opportunities, priorities and risks for development of new Extra Care properties and acquisitions.  
    • Consider the activity of the Kent Community Partnership PFI Board to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach across Extra Care. 
    • Whilst the Walsall PPP contract does not operate through a separate company, the Committee will be alert to the complexities of this service and oversee not only contractual compliance but also continued integration into the Extra Care business. 
  • 3. Housing 21 Guernsey LBG 

    The Committee will ensure that the functional Board of Housing 21 Guernsey acts in strict compliance with its Memorandum & Articles and the requirements of Housing 21’s Rules, Governance Handbook and Governance Framework. In particular, the Committee will: 

    • Approve and own strategic direction ensuring Housing 21 Guernsey is within the framework of the Association’s strategic vision and monitor and evaluate the progress against strategic aims, objectives and financial targets;  
    • Take responsibility for the governance and management whilst delegating operational management to the Executive Team;  
    • Scrutinise and comment on the management accounts and annual budget and accounts and make recommendations to the Board for approval;  
    • Comment on and contribute to the merit of relevant projects;  
    • Regularly review the risk register for onward consideration by the Audit and Assurance Committee and Association Board;  
    • Ensure that Housing 21 Guernsey functions within the legal and financial requirements of it’s Constitution; 
    • Regularly monitor the context and operating environment and address emerging issues that may impact on strategy, implementation of plans or reputation with key stakeholders whilst ensuring there are good relations with the local community, local policy and decision makers in Guernsey; 
  • 4. Membership

    4.1  The Extra Care Committee shall comprise of four members of the Board. The quorum for the Committee is three members 

    4.2 The Executive Director Extra Care will have a standing invitation to attend the Committee. The Chief Executive and other Executive Directors and managers may attend by invitation from the Chair of the Committee.    

    4.3 There is an open invitation for both the Chair of the Board and Deputy Chair to attend the Committee, but if present will not act as chair of the Committee and will attend as a non-voting members of the Committee.    

  • 5. Meeting frequency

    5.1  The Committee will meet at least four times per annum with the timing of meetings to be distributed throughout the year to allow for regular reporting to the Board of Housing 21 and effective monitoring of performance. 

    5.2   On occasion, there might be a need to arrange additional meetings to review significant events and or consider urgent matters. 

  • 6. Skills  

    6.1 Committee members should have or ensure that they have access to the following range of skills, experience, knowledge of and a general understanding of:  

    • Supported housing   
    • Housing and care management  
  • 7. Annual review

    The Committee will undertake a self-assessment of its effectiveness and review these terms of reference, including membership, on an annual basis. 


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