Appendix 8.6: Oldham Committee Terms of Reference

1. Overall purpose of the committee

1.1 To act as the functional Board of Oldham Retirement Housing Partnership Ltd (“ORHP”) in strict compliance with its Rules (“the Constitution”) and Housing 21’s Governance Framework.  

1.2 To advise the Housing 21 Board of any material matters arising and relating to the Oldham PFI Project (“the Project”). 

  • 2. Responsibilities

    2.1 Approve and own the strategic direction for ORHP ensuring it is within the framework of Housing 21’s strategic vision and monitor and evaluate project progress against strategic aims, objectives and financial targets;  

    2.2 Take responsibility for the governance and management of matters related to the Project and the PFI Project Agreement (“the Contract”) whilst delegating operational management to the Executive Team;  

    2.3 Scrutinise and comment on the management accounts and annual budget and accounts for ORHP and make recommendations to the Housing 21 Board for approval;  

    2.4 Regularly review the risk register for ORHP for onward consideration by the Audit and Assurance Committee;  

    2.5 Ensure that ORHP functions within the legal and financial requirements of its Constitution and in compliance with the Contract; 

    2.6 Regularly monitor the context and operating environment and address emerging issues that may impact on strategy, implementation of plans or reputation with key stakeholders whilst ensuring there are good relations with the local community, local authority, local policy and decision makers within the region in which ORHP operates. 

    2.7 Ensure that the processes of governance are carried out effectively e.g.: 

    • Changes to the structure, size and composition of the ORHP Board are carried out in accordance with its Constitution;  
    • Evaluation of the performance of the ORHP Board is carried out annually; 
    • Committee meetings shall be called, held and minuted in compliance with its Constitution; and 
    • General Meetings are called and held in accordance with the Constitution.  
  • 3. Membership
    • The Board shall consist of four members or such greater amount not exceeding 12 as may be determined by Housing 21 as parent; 
    • Committee members and the Chair shall be appointed by the Housing 21 Board; 
    • The Committee has the power to co-opt members.  
  • 4. Quorum 

    A quorum shall be three members or 50 percent of the Board (whichever is lower).  

  • 5. Meetings

    The Committee meets four times a year and additional meetings may be called as required. 

  • 6. Skills

    Committee members should have or ensure that they have access to the following range of skills, experience, knowledge of and a general understanding of:  

    • Supported housing   
    • Housing and care management 
    • The legal and regulatory environment  
  • Reporting responsibilities 
    • The Committee Chair shall report formally to the Housing 21 Board on its proceedings after each meeting on all matters within its duties and responsibilities  
    • The Committee shall make whatever recommendations to the Board it deems appropriate on any area within its remit where action or improvement is needed. 
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