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School House

School House, Incline Road, OLDHAM , OL8 4QF
Retirement Living
Bedrooms... 1 & 2 bedroom properties
0 Properties available for Outright purchase
0 Properties available for Shared ownership
0 Properties available for Rent

School House Flats School House, Incline Road, OLDHAM , OL8 4QF

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Court Manager Service* £6.23 £7.67 (weekly)
Helpline Base Charge* £6.50 £6.50 (weekly)
Net Rent - Secure* £92.22 £102.71 (weekly)
Service Charge - Secure* £12.50 £12.50 (weekly)
*Costs are indicative for a range of properties. For detailed costs on each property please contact the Court Manager.
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