Retirement Living Residents' Forum

The Retirement Living Residents' Forum provides an overview on life as a Housing 21 resident and is consulted to give views about everything Retirement Living. The forum meet every eight weeks. 

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  • Thursday, 11 July 2024
  • Thursday, 12 September 2024
  • Thursday, 14 November 2024
  • Thursday, 9 January 2025
  • Thursday, 20 February 2025
  • Thursday, 3 March 2025 
  • Retirement Living Residents Forum update March 2024

    The forum met on 14 March 2024, when 10 residents came together at an online meeting with Head of Retirement Living-South, and discussed a variety of topics including the call monitoring service and how Housing 21 presents performance information to residents. The forum also looked at why it is important to have a risk register. There was operational news from operational employees and the Retirement Living Committee resident member, gave a personal insight to his committee experience.

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  • Retirement Living Residents Forum update May 2024

    The group were joined by a colleague who has been developing an Unacceptable Behaviour policy which is required by the Housing Ombudsman. Feedback included that it was clear and easy to read. A suggestion was made that Operations Managers should speak to residents about any new policies rather than rely on other communication methods such as a notice board.

    Pam, Managing Director of Retirement Living, introduced the Retirement Living strategy and background to it.

    The priorities are:

    • Quality and consistency
    • Growth
    • Future of Retirement Living
    • Recognising and supporting the increasingly complex needs of our residents
    • Investing in our employees

    The Managing Director of Retirement Living updated the group on the Allocations Policy and possible changes.

    The Head of Business Finance Services explained the background to the decision to appoint a third-party provider to recover former rent arrears on a trial basis. She spoke about the decision on who to contract with and what the decision was based on.

    The decision to go with Sinclair Taylor was based on their robust approach and working with vulnerable residents.

    The Director of Retirement Living explained that the Board are having a discussion around the use of the term ‘modest means’ and welcomed a discussion and resident views on this term.

    The Director of Retirement Living apologised for the fact that the visit to a Doncaster scheme has been discussed for a few months. It was suggested that a visit take place in September 2024.

    The Head of Audit and Risk joined the meeting and discussed her role and the role of the Board and the importance of the Board hearing the voice of residents.

    Mick supported Annabel stating what a positive experience he has had on the Retirement Living Committee.

    A discussion around the role of the Board was undertaken.

    The next meeting is on 11 July between 2-4pm on Microsoft Teams.

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