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Posted 15 April 2024

Debbie’s journey with Housing 21 started 10 years ago when a back injury resulted in her needing to use a wheelchair to get around. She found that she could no longer live alone safely, and her social worker suggested viewing a property at one of our schemes.  

“I didn’t want to move into a nursing home or a care home, but it wasn’t safe for me to live at home,” said Debbie. 

“Moving into an Extra Care Scheme gave me the best of both worlds; I had my own home, but Care Workers  were available when I needed them. It was the best option for me.” 

The support of having a Care Team available has made a world of difference to Debbie, who also has a rare disease and is visually impaired.  

She said: “The Care Workers understand not only my health needs but also that I like the freedom to make my own decisions.  

“They see beyond my wheelchair and enable me to live the life I’ve always wanted with the safety net of having that Extra Care support.” 

Debbie originally lived in the South, but when her family decided to move to the North of the country, she began searching for a Housing 21 scheme local to them. 

“As soon as I visited the scheme, I knew immediately that it was just right for me,” she said. 

“The scheme manager, Susan, along with the Care Team and New Homes Consultant, Margaret, were all waiting by the door to welcome me with open arms when I first arrived. After an emotional 500-mile journey, it was like falling into a nest of angels.  

“I feel blessed to live near my family again and they are happy knowing I’m close by amid a growing and friendly community of residents, receiving kind and expert care that is led by hard-working Care Managers. It’s a place where I can thrive, flourish and fulfil my quest for knowledge and adventure, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”  

Find out more about living in an Extra Care scheme.

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