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Posted 06 September 2023

Denise moved into a Housing 21 Retirement Living scheme in 2023. After a hip operation, Denise struggled to climb stairs and her search for a safe, secure, and accessible place to live, led her to Housing 21.  

“I chose to live with Housing 21 after visiting several schemes with different organisations, and it was the friendliness at Housing 21 that swayed my decision,” said Denise. 

“The manager was lovely; she really welcomed me, and I loved the accommodation.”  

Whilst Denise is happily settled in her scheme, she was challenged about her reasons for choosing to move into Retirement Living by her friends who had misconceptions about what Retirement Living is.   

“My friends said that I would be living with lots of old people and felt that I wasn’t making the best decision,” she said. 

“However, this is not the case. I find it quite refreshing to have people from a range of age spans. We learn so much from each other and we have created our own community.”  

Not everyone may initially feel ready to make the decision to live with Housing 21 as easily as Denise may have, here is what she advises to anyone who is unsure about taking the leap to Retirement Living:  

“If people are thinking about moving into Retirement Living and are unsure if it is for them, I would tell them to go for it,” she said. 

“Not only is it a supportive environment, but there is also the element of feeling safe and within a local community. You will be living among people who can help you, particularly if your family do not live locally. 

“My favourite thing about living with Housing 21 is getting to know different people with a range of interests; this has expanded my understanding and I don’t feel alone, it is great.”   


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