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Posted 08 July 2024

Edna and Rashford decided to move into Extra with Housing 21 in 2020 after Edna had an unexpected fall.   

The couple relocated to the UK from Jamaica in 1961 and have lived in Bradford ever since. They have been married for over 50 years and realised that Extra Care would suit them because they could move in together while Edna could receive the care that she needed.  

They required a ground-floor flat to accommodate their accessibility needs, which Housing 21 was able to arrange.  

“Extra Care with Housing 21 suits us as a couple because we can remain together while one of us can receive care,” said Rashford. 

"We enjoy the social aspect of living in Extra Care, all the residents are lovely, and the Care Workers are very helpful.” 

Although Rashford does not have any care needs at the moment, the couple are future-proofing for when this may change.   

The safety and security of living in an Extra Care scheme provides Edna and Rashford with peace of mind, knowing that they are in a safe environment.  

“We really appreciate the security of our flat and that no-one can come inside unless we let them in,” said Edna.  

The couple is content living with Housing 21 with no desire to leave their current scheme.  

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