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Posted 08 May 2024

Each of our residents has story to tell and some have even put pen to paper, publishing their adventures before moving into a Housing 21 property. Among those, is Fiona, also known as Fi, who moved into one of our Retirement Living schemes in 2020. 

Born in South Africa, Fi grew up in the Drakensberg Mountains of KwaZulu-Natal on a cattle and sheep ranch before she moved to the UK in 2002 to join her husband. Following their divorce, Fi found herself in need of accommodation. 

“I had been on the waiting list for a Housing 21 property and had originally viewed a studio flat but as I had come from a two-bed bungalow it wasn’t big enough for me,” said Fi. 

“However, by some miracle a suitable flat became available and I fell in love with it on first sight.”  

Fi has chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) resulting in her losing the use of her legs in 1988 and later, the use of her left arm. With the support of her trusty electric wheelchair, she is able to move around the scheme with ease and frequently joins other residents in the communal spaces.  

“After my Care Workers have seen to my needs with washing, dressing, breakfast and everything else, I drive down to the communal lounge with a little bag strapped to the back of my chair, filled with drinks, embroidery, my phone, reading glasses and everything else I need for the day,” she said.  

“There is always a friendly soul around that I can chat to about anything and everything. 

“I’ve been so happy here. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming; the residents are friendly, and I couldn’t ask for more in the way of a Local Housing Manager. They are great company and fascinating to talk to.”  

Moving into one of our Retirement Living schemes is the start of a new chapter for Fi and we can’t wait to see if it makes it into her next book.  


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