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Posted 12 April 2024

Housing 21 resident Margaret has lived in Smethwick in the West Midlands, and the surrounding areas, her entire life.  

With a successful career spanning five decades, Margaret worked as a Private Secretary to the Chief Accountant at Barclays from the age of 16. She spent her weekends dancing at The Royal British Legion Ballroom in Smethwick.  

Margaret has fond memories of her ballroom days and said: “I used to be at the ballroom every week, but it has been a while since I last went with my sister. I miss going dancing.” 

It was at the ballroom where Margaret met her husband who sadly passed away before she decided to move into her apartment at a Housing 21 Extra Care scheme.  

Living with Housing 21 suits Margaret, who doesn’t require any care support. “I have lived in the local area my entire life. Having my own apartment with Housing 21 helps; I cook my own dinners and enjoy having my own space. No-one interferes, I’ve always been the boss of my own shop and that still applies today.”  

Margaret enjoys getting involved with the various activities that take place at her scheme. 

“I like living here, and when we have something going on I make sure I’m not left at the back,” she said.  

“Marg will be there joining in; I make sure of that!”  

Margaret is a great example of enjoying life to the fullest and having a great time, asking: “why be miserable when you can be a jolly person?”  

A final piece of advice from this joyful 79-year-old: “Always remember to put your best put forward.”  

Find out more about Extra Care with Housing 21.


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