Marlene and Graham, Extra Care

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Posted 07 May 2024

Marlene and Graham moved to a Housing 21 Extra Care scheme a year ago and are confident that they have made the right decision.

The couple previously lived around the corner from their current home in a large four-bedroom house with their family. Once their children reached an age where they moved out, the couple realised they didn’t need the space and wanted to downsize:

“The family now have their own homes, so we didn’t need somewhere so big,” they said.

“When this scheme opened it seemed to be the perfect fit for us! It’s local and close to our daughter and granddaughter, and so we can still help with childcare.”

One of their main reasons for considering moving to the scheme was to feel safe and having the security of somewhere to live where there is Extra Care available if they need it in the future.

The couple wanted to live somewhere where they could receive care when needed and also have somewhere where they can join in with the community if they want to. Graham said: “When we first looked round, we loved the feel of the place and everyone was so friendly. We enjoy the social life that is available if we want to join in.”

Not only do they enjoy the social aspect of life at the scheme, but also the different activities they have on offer. Graham said: “I have even taken up painting since moving to the scheme, and I love it!”

One of the other reasons they chose to move to Bowland View is so that they can finally get a pet, which they have been wanting to do for a while.

“We feel safe and secure here and can happily walk around the grounds even in the evening, which is a must now we have our dog, Bruce,” said Marlene.

“Not only have we been made to feel welcome, but so has our dog. He loves the fuss he gets when walking around.”

Although the couple don’t need any support at the moment, they are thinking about the future and said: “We are happy to know that Extra Care is available should we ever need it in the future. We’ve both experienced difficulties looking after our parents over the last 10 years, and we don’t want to burden that on our children.”

Graham has a long-term health implication that means he may need support in years to come and wanted to settle into their home as early as possible: “We wanted to move somewhere so that if something happens to Graham, Marlene is going to be looked after. If his illness gets worse, there is care here, which gives us both peace of mind. We’re both retired, got somewhere safe to live, we’re looked after here, and we can finally have our dog!”

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