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Posted 21 March 2024

Nandaney has lived at her current scheme since June 2021, before Housing 21 acquired the scheme in February 2022.  

The former matron and nurse chose to live at the scheme based in Marylebone, London to stay close to her family and friends who also live nearby.  

Nandaneye has lived in London her entire life, and she thoroughly enjoys the social life that comes with living at a Housing 21 scheme.  

“This scheme is my strong family.” said Nandaney, talking about the Extra Care scheme.  

When Housing 21 acquired the Extra Care scheme, this did not seem to affect Nandaney and she happily continued to remain living there.  

“I am surrounded by nice helpful people” she said. 

“The staff are wonderful; I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”   

In early 2024, Housing 21 made improvements to the Extra Care scheme which included a full refurb of bathrooms. This is in line with investing in acquired properties to ensure they are maintained to a safe, secure and quality standard.  

There are a number of activities for Nandaney to get involved with at her scheme, which means that her social diary is jam-packed!  

“I particularly enjoy drawing and painting; I love to express myself through art,” she said. 

Nandaney also enjoys singing in the choir; there are weekly choir sessions at her scheme where the residents and employees come together for a sing-a-long.  

Housing 21 has a target of purchasing 400 units every year and already acquired schemes from eight major housing associations in recent years.  

Find out more about acquisitions at Housing 21:  Housing 21 - Housing 21 acquisitions 

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