Keeping a Pet

Housing 21 believes that people have the right to choose how they live in their own homes and that this principle does not change with age. It is recognised that owning a pet can bring great comfort, happiness and increased wellbeing.

Housing 21 therefore supports responsible pet ownership where it is appropriate. Appropriateness will depend upon the type and number of animals, the type of scheme, accommodation, the needs of the pet, and the wishes and needs of all residents. We will make a considered judgement on whether we feel a resident is able to exercise responsible pet ownership.

Where irresponsible pet ownership is identified, Housing 21, where appropriate, will support the resident to take corrective measures, and unless it can be demonstrated that acceptable conditions are being met the resident will be required to home the animal elsewhere. Housing 21 will implement the conditions of this policy through tenancy enforcement if required and
persistent non-adherence by a resident may result in their home being at risk.

Assistance dogs and pets as adaptive aids are permitted on all Housing 21 schemes.

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