The Type of Accommodation and Physical Layout of the Court

The layout and type of accommodation is considered, to ensure everyone enjoys their home, and health and safety is upheld, taking into account risks associated with shared entrances and peoples’ ability to control and care for an animal.

Housing 21 reserves the right to refuse permission to keep a pet where it is considered that the pet is wholly unsuitable for the environment, (this includes the resident’s ability to care for the animal, the accommodation and the scheme).

On ‘Category 1’ schemes where residents have their own front door leading directly outside, or where there is minimal communal access with a small block of flats, Housing 21 will not usually withhold permission to own a pet unless it poses a significant risk.

On ‘Category 2’ schemes, which includes Extra Care schemes where each property is accessed from one main front door, and residents’ front doors always lead out to communal corridors, permission will only be granted after paying specific attention to the resident’s support needs, their ability to care for the animal, the issues of access and related risks to the environment.

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