Where are Pets Allowed on Court?

Pets are permitted in social communal areas such as communal lounges, communal laundry areas, communal bathrooms and guest rooms, subject to the residents of the scheme agreeing, via our Choice and Consensus Policy. Due regard and consideration must be given to all viewpoints, including where religious beliefs may impact on residents’ views on keeping pets.

Pets are permitted in communal areas outside, as long as they are managed properly by both residents and visitors to the Court. Where a resident owns a dog, it is the resident’s responsibility to keep the dog under control when it is in the communal areas of the scheme including in corridors, gardens and car parks. A scheme, through its residents, may decide on the specific details of this as part of the Choice and Consensus Policy, with the decision recorded in the Court Service Agreement. Some schemes may decide dogs, for example,
must be on a short lead when in the communal areas; other Courts may agree a lead is not necessary or an extendable lead is required. However, if it is demonstrated a dog is not under control at any point, the Court Manager / Housing Manager / Housing and Care Manager will work with the owner to remedy the situation and insist they follow the local agreement.

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