Asbestos containing materials are common in many buildings across the country. Properties built after 1999 do not contain asbestos. When asbestos containing materials become damaged, there is the possibility of fibres being released into the air which is a possible risk to health. 

Do not tamper with or touch any asbestos materials, it is safe if it is not damaged or disturbed.  

You cannot tell just by looking if a material contains asbestos. If you are unsure whether a material contains asbestos or not, contact your manager and they will refer to the asbestos management survey. 

  • How to keep your home safe: 
    • Inform your manager if you intend to carry out any DIY work in your home, so that we can provide asbestos information.  
    • If your property was built prior to 1999 there is a possibility that it may have asbestos containing floor tiles, these are considered a very low risk and have no impact if undisturbed.  If your property does contain asbestos floor tiles, the flooring should only be removed by somebody who is appropriately trained 
    • Do not attempt to remove asbestos, this can only be done by licensed professionals  
    • Do not attempt to clean, brush or vacuum asbestos 
    • Inform your manager immediately if you are concerned that asbestos has been disturbed in your home 
  • What is Housing 21 doing to manage asbestos? 

    Housing 21 have a duty to manage asbestos in the communal areas of our properties and we undertake asbestos management surveys every five years. If asbestos is identified a reinspection will be carried out on an annual basis. 

    We also carry out surveys in individual dwellings before contractors undertake some types of works in properties. 

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