Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a non-means tested benefit that is payable to people who are aged 65 or over and who have health problems that affect them significantly in their everyday life when they are at home.

Attendance Allowance doesn’t take into consideration any problems outside of the home. The health problems can be physical health problems, mental health problems or a combination of the two.

Despite the name, you don’t need anyone attending to you or caring for you to be eligible to claim Attendance Allowance.

Normally you will need to have had the health problems for at least six months before a claim can be paid - the exception to this is in the case of a terminal illness where life expectancy is not likely to exceed six months. In these cases, the claim will be paid immediately.

Attendance Allowance is non-means tested. This means that your financial circumstances will not be assessed, and any entitlement is based on your health problems and how these health problems affect you in everyday life at home.

Attendance Allowance is tax-free and is disregarded as income when other benefits are calculated, which means any other benefits you already receive won’t be reduced by you being awarded Attendance Allowance.

The GOV.UK website has more information about Attendance Allowance and eligibility.

Attendance Allowance helpline

  • Phone: 0345 605 6055
  • Textphone: 0345 604 5312

You can call the helpline to ask for a claim pack to be sent in the post.

You can also download an Attendance Allowance claim form online.

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