Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a reduction on your electricity bill that can be awarded depending on your circumstances.

To be eligible for the Warm Home Discount:

  • Your electricity supplier has to be part of the scheme
  • Your name must be on the electricity bill
  • You must be receiving Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

If you are eligible you’ll automatically be awarded the discount – you don’t need to make a claim. The discount isn’t paid to you directly, but is credited directly to your electricity bill to reduce the amount you have to pay.

Even if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria for automatic entitlement to the Warm Home Discount you may still be able to get a discount. Some electricity suppliers can offer discounts to vulnerable people. Contact your electricity supplier to find out what may be available to you.

The GOV.UK website has more information about the Warm Home Discount, including how you will be notified if you are awarded the discount.

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