Consumer Standards Lead - Pam Mastrantonio

Pam Mastrantonio is the Consumer Standards Lead for Housing 21. 

A dedicated Consumer Standards Lead for the organistion is required by the Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023. This is to ensure compliance of the organisation with the consumer standards as set out in the Act.

This role is assigned to the Managing Director of Retirement Living. Contact details of the post holder are provided to the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and published on Housing 21’s website and in relevant publications.

If the Consumer Standards Lead is unable to act due to absence or illness, Housing 21 is able to identify an alternative person for that period of time.

The functions of the role are to:

  1. Monitor Housing 21’s compliance with the consumer standards;
  2. Assess any risks of failure to comply with the consumer standards
  3. Notify the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) of:
    1. any risks of material failures by Housing 21 to comply with the standards;
    2. any material failures by Housing 21 to comply with the standards;
  4. Provide advice to the Regulator as to how Housing 21 should address risks and failures notified to them for the purpose of ensuring that Housing 21 complies with the requirements of the standard.

Housing 21 is responsible for ensuring that our Consumer Standards Lead:

  • Has sufficient authority (including, in particular, authority to obtain information) within the organisation;
  • Can devote sufficient time to the functions of the consumer standards lead, to perform the role of the consumer standards lead effectively; and
  • Has the resources needed to carry out those functions.

The Consumer Standards Lead is not:

  • Responsible for the registered provider’s compliance with health and safety requirements, or
  • Liable for a failure by the registered provider to comply with health and safety requirements,

Relevant legislation: 

  • Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023

Contact information

You can contact Pam Mastrantonio directly by sending her an email.

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