What does it mean for Housing 21?

As a landlord, we are required to ensure all our homes and services meet the minimum consumer standards and we action any repairs or complaints within the timeframes set out in the act. 

The Regulator for Social Housing will monitor how we are performing as a landlord through a combination of methods including how we engage with residents, our response to any complaints and data from our annual performance report. 

Every year, we invite all residents to anonymously complete a resident survey which includes questions relating to Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs). These are 22 measures which all landlords are legally required to report upon, 12 of which are captured through the survey. The other 10 measures are captured through our performance data.

The questions relate to five key themes:

  • Keeping properties in good repair: all homes must be offered to a quality standard 
  • Building safety and safety checks: all necessary checks and repairs must be undertaken when required  
  • Respectful and helpful engagement: residents should be involved in engagement, treated with respect and information should be made accessible 
  • Effective handling of complaints: listening to residents to ensure a satisfactory service and resolution 
  • Responsible neighbourhood management: providing clean, safe and integrated schemes 

You can read or download a copy of our performance against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures for 2023/ 2024 

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