Guidance on making compensation payments: statutory

  • Example one
    • Incident: Home loss 
    • Compensation event: Permanent move due to decommissioning or redevelopment 
    • Compensation guidance: Set at a prescribed minimum of £5800 (2017) – refer to current legislation. Disbursements up to £500 
    • Authorisation: Head of RL/ EC 
  • Example two
    • Incident: Discretionary disturbance payments 
    • Compensation event: This may occur during major refurbishment works and may be payable dependent upon the severity of the disturbance to the resident 
    • Compensation guidance: Limit for payments is £500 per household 
  • Example three
    • Incident: Right to compensation for improvements works carried out by resident 
    • Compensation event: Where a qualifying improvement to a residents homes has been carried out 
    • Compensation guidance: Any compensation paid will take into account the value of the work, how old it is and how much life is left in the improvement. Claims for any compensation for improvement works should be made no more than 28 calendar days before or 14 calendar days after the tenancy is terminated. Compensation is only ever paid at the end of the tenancy. The maximum compensation currently payable under this scheme is £3,000 and there is provision for us to deduct from any sum payable any debts owing: e.g. dilapidation, rechargeable repairs, rent arrears and court costs. 
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