What will be considered? 

Here are some examples which may be the subject of a request or claim for compensation: 

  • taking an unreasonable time to either repair or restore something that is our responsibility, and has resulted in a resident being unable to use part of their home 
  • by failing (at second time of asking) to carry out a repair, we have put at risk, the health, safety or security of the resident; the repair has, or is likely to cost, less than £250 
  • failure to reinstate a service for which we are responsible 
  • failure to deal with an issue that has resulted in undue distress, discomfort or additional expense 
  • loss due to failure to deal satisfactorily with repairs 
  • loss due to other failures of service 
  • failure that has directly resulted in a monetary loss 
  • having to spend excessive management time to achieve a response to a complaint. 

 Compensation will not normally be paid for: 

  • lack of service or loss due to circumstances beyond our control 
  • lack of service or loss due to resident negligence 
  • damage or loss of items/property that should be covered by a resident’s own contents insurance policy (i.e. damage or loss to property caused by flood, fire, etc.). Unless it can be demonstrated that our failure to fix something that had been reported caused the damage as a consequence 
  • damage or loss for which recompense is available through our insurers 
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