Dissemination of the Policy and Procedure

Compliance with the Handling Resident’s Finances Policy and Procedure is mandatory for all employees, or agency workers representing Housing 21. All employees therefore have instant access to the policy on a 24/7 basis and are trained accordingly to ensure a developed understanding of the policy.

The policy will be located on WILMA, alongside a PowerPoint presentation to be used by managers to support a standardised roll out within operations alongside discussion in management meetings and other internal communications.

Ensuring compliance with the Policy

HCM/CM are responsible for making sure that this policy is understood by all employees and is being applied within their services.

ECMs are responsible for testing the application of this procedure when carrying out Care Quality Review visits to their schemes. Any deviation from this procedure must be acted on immediately and actions put in place to achieve compliance with the policy.

Our Internal Audit team are considered as the ‘last line of defence’ and will test the application of this policy in routine audits.

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