Lettings Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure sets out our approach to letting properties for rent to new customers (applicants) and offering transfers to existing residents.

The policy applies to Retirement Living and Extra Care housing including courts where Housing 21 have nomination agreements in place with Local Authority partners.

Housing 21 aims to let homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way to older people of modest means. Applications will be accepted from those aged 55 years and over.

Priority for Retirement Living will normally be given to those aged 65 and over. For Extra Care, the Local Authority Partnership agreement will specify criteria for nominations.

We will make best use of available housing contributing to the local authorities’ strategic housing function and creating sustainable communities.

Our aim is to ensure Housing 21 offers good quality accommodation which is affordable to the residents who live there and meets the needs of older people.

Key Principles:

Housing 21 is committed to:

  1. providing good quality homes at an affordable rent to people of modest means;
  2. letting homes quickly and appropriately, minimising the number of empty properties and maximising rental income;
  3. ensuring effective and best use of our stock acknowledging the different offers provided by Retirement Living (housing with support) and Extra Care housing (housing with care and support);
  4. giving priority to older applicants in Retirement Living courts using a “banding” system (priority to applicants in Band 1 which is 65 years and over) subject to nomination agreements with our local authority partners;
  5. working with our local authority partners offering properties in line with nomination agreements at extra care courts which take into account care needs as well as housing requirements and contribute towards maintaining a balanced community in extra care;        
  6. giving applicants as much choice as possible, with the aim of housing people where they want to live to maximise their satisfaction;
  7. building and maintaining partnerships and strategic links with local authorities to meet housing needs and improve customer care; and
  8. to contributing to creating and maintaining sustainable communities.
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