Applicants from abroad

Applications may be accepted from applicants living abroad providing they meet the Right to Rent requirements. Applicants from abroad who are not financially self-sufficient should complete a Habitual Residency Test with the Local Authority to confirm eligibility for benefits. Applicants must provide an email address or UK phone contact for correspondence and be actively looking to move. (See Appendix 1 EU Countries and Eligibility of Persons from Abroad).


Where appropriate a property may be allocated directly to a Local Authority for them to use for respite or temporary accommodation. Approval is required from the Head of Service and will be processed via a license agreement.

Local Lettings Plan

A local lettings plan may be introduced which allows for a variation of the eligibility criteria. This is generally where the Local Authority have included specific criteria in the development agreement e.g applicants must live within 5 miles of the court. It can also be used to address exceptional demand issues. The plan must be approved by a Head of Service and will set out what has been the varied and the purpose for the variation. The plan can apply to a specific court or an area.

Void Management

There is a separate Voids Management Policy which covers the void standard and the sign up process in detail.

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