Eligibility criteria

Different eligibility criteria is used depending on whether the applicant is applying to live in Extra Care or Retirement Housing.

Who is eligible to apply for housing?

Applicants must:

  1. be at least 55 years old unless the scheme is specifically for mental health or learning disability support;
  2. in Retirement Living courts priority will be given to those aged 65 years and over. If a couple are applying then at least one applicant must meet the minimum age requirement;
  3. in extra care courts priority will be linked to care need in addition to housing requirements and allocations will take into account the “balanced community” profile agreed with the local authority in the nominations agreement;
  4. be actively looking for rehousing and in a position to move if accommodation is offered;
  5. intend to use the property as their only or principle home;
  6. have sufficient income or recourse to public funds to pay the rent and sustain the tenancy 
  7. meet the “right to rent” requirements set out in the Immigration Act 2014.*

Applications may be accepted from an EU national providing they meet the Right to Rent requirements.

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