Resolving complaints

If the outcome of a complaint finds Housing 21 to be at fault, there are various ways we can look to put things right. These can include some or all of the following: 

  • Acknowledging where things have gone wrong 
  • Providing an explanation, assistance or reasons 
  • Taking action if there has been delay 
  • Reconsidering or changing a decision 
  • Amending a record or adding a correction or addendum 
  • Providing a financial remedy 
  • Changing policies, procedures or practices 

When deciding what action to take, we must consider the extent of any failings and the impact on residents. This will include:  

  • Length of time that a situation has been ongoing  
  • Frequency with which something has occurred  
  • Severity of any service failure or omission  
  • Number of different failures  
  • Cumulative impact on the resident  
  • Resident’s particular circumstances or vulnerabilities 

We will clearly set out what will happen and by when. When awarding compensation, we will consider whether:  

  • Any statutory payments are due 
  • If any quantifiable losses have been incurred 
  • The time and trouble a resident has been put to  
  • Any distress and inconvenience caused 

More information about the resolution process is set out in the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code 

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